Our solutions around pre-filled syringes

As Contract Manufacturer, we design and manufacture solutions for pre-filled syringes, such as plunger rods, backstoppers and collection tubes...

Our solutions around pre-filled syringes promote your success with:

  • Dedicated lines among ISO 8/7 cleanrooms
  • High-technology, high output molds
  • 1k and 2k injection molding
  • Stringent dimensional controls
  • ICP and camera inspection

Needle cap

Plunger rods

Tubs & Nests

Secondary packaging for handling and transport of syringes, vials, bottles, ampoules or other glass packaging.



  • Dedicated lines among ISO 8/7 DNA RNA free cleanrooms
  • 100% automated production
  • Dimensional control (flatness, pitch distance)
  • Camera inspection
  • Individually wrapped on request
  • Conditioning according to client’s requirements


Our industrial capacities:

  • Cleanroom environment (ISO 8/7 DNA RNA free) 
  • 75 fully robotized Injection Molding Machines
  • Automated production to ensure the right quantity delivery, quality, reliability, and repeatability
  • First in class mold makers for Tubs and Nests
  • Metrology laboratories
  • Dedicated and trained maintenance teams