Corporate Social Responsability

Our 2022 CSR Report

This report formalizes our commitment to a sustainable and ethical approach of our practices in order to meet social and environmental challenges. SGH Medical Pharma’ strategy is based on shared values that are essential to the completion of our daily tasks.

This report illustrates the main actions carried our during the year 2022.

« SGH Medical Pharma’s commitment is at a turning point. To reach a high level of coherence between our customers’ and our stakeholders’ expectations, we have made ambitious commitments for the future. Every day, our teams ensure that they are met by building upon their skills and know-how in harmony with the values of the group. »

Jérôme Empereur - CEO of SGH Medical Pharma

Our commitments

Our approach revolves around 4 main axes:

  • Making a positive contribution to society
  • Reducing our impact on the environment
  • Taking care of our stakeholders
  • Provide long-term employment

Making a positive contribution to society

  • 98%

    of suppliers in Europe

  • 8%

    of employees are in apprenticeship contracts

  • 90%

    of suppliers in France

  • 100%

    of suppliers have signed our Code of Ethics according to our objectives

Reducing our impact on the environment

  • 35

    new materials tried out

  • 163t

    of recycled plastics

  • 70t

    of recycled cardboard

  • 1t

    of recycled office waste

  • 2mWh

    consumed per ton of material used

  • +54%

    increase of electric presses

  • 557t

    of CO² released thanks to our waste management

Taking care of our stakeholders

  • 93%

    hiring rate for permanent employees

  • 7/10

    average well-being at work grade

    • Tracking well-being at work
    • Ensuring employee’s health and safety
    • Building a trust relationship with our stakeholders: 1 yearly check

Provide sustainable employment

  • 2327h

    dedicated to training

  • 69%

    of employees trained each year

  • 100%

    of employees CSR-conscious

  • 100%

    of employees trained through the last 3 years

Our acknowledgments


We are regularly assessed by ECOVADIS, an internationally recognized company, to evaluate our sustainable development performance across the entire company based on 7 CSR criteria. In 2024, we obtained the gold medal in the Medium Size Company category, with a score of 78/100.

Ask for our assessment report

ISO 14001 : 2015 certification

Since 2006, the environmental approach has been at the heart of our concerns. This certification allows us to constantly improve and reduce our negative impact on the environment.
Two sites are certified ISO 14001.

Certificates of conformity to Decree n°2021-461 from April 1, 2021

As part of the AGEC law for anti-waste and circular economy and to comply with decree n°2021-461, our manufaturing sites have been audited in order to assess the measures taken to prevent the loss and discharge of industrial plastic compounds into the environment. This approach underlines our commitment to reducing our impact on the environment.

Our support

SGH Medical Pharma attaches great importance to respecting the laws, regulations and universal ethical principles supported by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and as described in the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals, for all our activities around the world. Therefore, we naturally renewed our support to UN Global Compact, as we have done since 2009.