Our other healthcare products

At SGH Medical Pharma, our dedicated Research and Innovation team works on the conception and design of innovative products. These devices are then patented and manufactured by us. We offer a number of our devices on a white label basis, specifically for medical applications.

Baby nasal aspirator

The Rhinophar® baby nasal aspirator offers a new level of comfort and excellent hygiene for blowing children’s noses. Thanks to its innovative filtration system, it effectively clears nasal congestion and ensures perfect hygiene, limiting infections.




  • Packaging : 1 baby nasal aspirator with 3 filters (refills available)
  • Compliance: CE marking




  • Made in France
  • Carrying case included
  • Comfort: the size and soft texture of the nasal tip avoid hurting baby’s nostrils
  • Hygiene: no need to stick your fingers in the mucus to change the filter. The Rhinophar® filter has a tab so you can change it easily without getting your hands dirty.
  • Efficiency: Rhinophar® filtration technology ensures that mucus is sucked up without forcing. It remains stored in the reservoir with no possible return to baby’s nose.
  • Ergonomic: the notched mouthpiece does not slip and fits perfectly in the mouth, leaving one hand free to hold baby.

Range of Pilbox


France’s leading manufacturer of pillboxes, Pilbox offers a range of top-of-the-range models (daily, weekly, accessories) to encourage compliance, make administration easier and make taking medication safer.

Discover the full range on pilbox.fr.




  • Container for several galenic forms: tablets, capsules, granules, sachets, blisters, ampoules, etc.
  • Configurable in several languages for international distribution




  • A wide range: 8 weekly pillboxes, 3 daily pillboxes, special pillboxes and accessories
  • Pillboxes for every pathology
  • Chic and discreet: leatherette cases
  • Help to improve compliance
  • Easy to transport your treatment
  • For a varied patient base: young people, senior citizens, athletes, etc.