Diagnostics and Life Sciences
As a contract manufacturer, we design and manufacture for you pipette tips for liquid-handling closed systems in immunology or molecular testing. We can customize the products whether you want them filtered and/or sterilized, whatever size you need. More than the pipette tip, we have the ability to produce and assemble the end packaging, so you receive a final product that fits your worldwide needs and promote your success.

How our pipette tips promote your success?

  • ISO 7 DNA RNA free cleanroom
  • 100% automated production
  • Dimensional controls: 100% of parts are inspected by cameras
  • Functional controls
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Segregation
Our industrial capabilities


  • Pipette tips-dedicated lines among ISO 8 - 7 DNA RNA free cleanrooms
  • 1k to 2k injection molding
  • Metrology laboratories
  • Automated production to ensure the right quantity delivery, quality, reliability and repeatability
  • Dedicated and trained maintenance teams
  • 75 fully robotized Injection Molding Machines



Our teams support you every step of the project (before, during and after manufacturing)

  • A dedicated project manager with international skills
  • Product R&D team
  • Process automation team
  • Qualifications team (quality, dimensional and operational control)
  • Regulatory affairs team

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