Our Specific
Development Services

SGH Medical Pharma creates and manufactures devices that answer all your requests. We take care of your idea from the design of the product, based on its specifications and your requirements, and get it through to delivery of the final product. By leveraging our injection molding know-how and our strong industrial capabilities, we become your first-class contract manufacturer to promote your success.

Our development methods are governed by a strict, rigorous quality monitoring process, based on several stages:

Control cones
IDEA Conception Development Industrialization Qualification Manufacturing FINISHED

From studying the requirements to managing intellectual property, our R&D department provides expertise and creativity at every stage of developing the project.

Once the specifications have been drawn up, the concept will come to life in a series of phases: feasibility checking, 3D plans, non-functional modelling and prototyping in factory or using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). We master both design-to-cost and design-to-value approaches, while always providing ecodesign when relevant.

Our industrialization team will then take care of scaling-up production to ensure manufacturing, assembly and conditioning answer your requirements and fit perfectly with your product. We ensure all your concerns regarding quality, dimension and functioning are addressed, from the most basic to technical parts; while thoroughly following product and process risk assessment protocols to remove any hazards.

All our projects are run by a project manager, surrounded by a multidisciplinary team. And because we realize that every project is unique and implies different regulatory constraints and quality tools, a development quality manager is entirely dedicated to supporting your project from the initial idea to the delivery of the finished product, in close collaboration with the project manager.

By managing the end-to-end development of your product, we provide you with a turnkey device along with the technical regulatory documentation for CE marking. We draft all your technical documentation ready for registration and keep it up to date in line with regulatory amendments and/or changes to the device.

In the current context of worldwide supply tension for plastic raw materials, our dedicated procurement team ensures a sustained supply, as part of our Business Continuity Plan.