About us

SGH Medical Pharma is an international group specialized in the design and manufacturing of medical devices and high-end consumables for the pharmaceutical, life sciences and diagnostics industries.

Thanks to our technical expertise, our state-of-the-art industrial tools and our regulatory skills, we offer standard products or customized solutions to support our customers’ innovations.

Our historical activity of high precision plastic transformation, true DNA of SGH Medical Pharma, is enriched by complementary know-how:


Product and process engineering

We imagine and develop new solutions to enhance your success.


Manufacturing and supply management

We are constantly improving our industrial and logistical tools, on all our production sites, to anticipate your needs, with the permanent objective of reducing our environmental impact.


Regulatory compliance

We provide the expertise of our teams to ensure that, from product development to marketing, you comply with all pharmaceutical and medical international standards and requirements to which they are subject.

Our values


We rely on the perfect mastery of our processes to innovate, to imagine uses, applications and developments, with a global and technological vision and a sustainable and ethical approach.


Multisite, reactive, always on the move, we are committed to maintaining this pioneering spirit, whatever the situation and demands… with the added capacity to deliver.


Nothing is ever impossible. Thanks to the “doing together” approach, our teams are mobilized to go ever further, for more useful innovation in respect of the environment, for more product performance, for more customer satisfaction.


The aim of SGH Medical Pharma’s ambitious development project is to build a European group, specialising mainly in drug administration, respiratory conditions and diagnotics.

SGH Medical Pharma is aiming for turnover of €100 million, which will enable it to reach the critical mass sought by our laboratory customers and manage the structural costs associated with regulatory requirements. I attach critical importance to compliance with laws, regulations and universal ethical principles. Our corporate social responsibility policy reflects our commitment through the rules and ethical principles it supports and protects, and to which it is actively committed. Promoting this culture and demanding compliance is, in our view, essential: we must be able to guarantee that we always act with integrity.
We will therefore increase our turnover alongside, the organisation’s clear desire to incorporate social and environmental considerations into its decision-making but we will also well equipped to account for the impact of its decisions and activities on society and the environment.

Jérôme Empereur
CEO - SGH Medical Pharma

our story

Whether you are looking for an existing product or you want to develop a specific one,
our 230 employees spread over 5 different sites are dedicated to help inject your success.


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